Monday, 20 August 2007

Perfect Fish for the Nano

You have seen them everywhere ... little cute Nano tanks of 27 Liters/5.5 Gallons/ 7 US Gallons .. mmmh might look nice on your desk or your other half might not notice it too quickly and have a freak out about yet 'another' tank in the house

By no means do you have to settle for the usual boring fish ... most peeps seem to think they are only good for guppies etc. but there is a whole world out there with little fishies - you can create a complete mini community tank!!! Remember though peeps you stil have to check compatibility and also make sure the fish doesn't need a wide swimming room.... this is a list of the little ones and there are some real stunners!!!

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One of my faves the Boraras Brigittae (I have 12 of these)
Here goes:
Indostomus crocodilus 2.5cm
Killie Fish:
Pencil Fish:
African Tetra

Dario dario 3cm
Dario hysginon 2.1
Dario dayingensis 2.2
Apistogramma nijsseni 4cm
Elassoma evergladei 3,4cm
Nanochromis minor 2,5cm
Nanochromis transvestitus 4cm
Nanochromis minor 3 cm

Danio kyathit 2,5cm
Danio choprae 3cm
Axelrodia riesei 2.5cm
Axelrodia stigmatias 2,5cm
Axelrodia lindeae 2,5cm
Trigonostigma espei 3.0cm
Chela dadiburjori 3.0 cm
Sawbwa resplendens 2,5cm
Barboides gracilis 2cm
Barbus hulstaerti 3,5cm
Barbus leonensis 3cm
Barbus stigmatopygus 2,5cm
Barbus sylvaticus 2,5cm
Barbus venustus 4cm
Barbus jae 4cm
Boraras brigittae 3cm
Boraras maculatus 3cm
Boraras micros 1,3 cm
Boraras urophthalmoides 4cm
Boraras merah 2cm
Oryzias Latipes 3,5 cm
Horadandia atukorali 3cm
Microrasbora kubotai 1,6cm
Microrasbora rubescens 3cm
Microrasbora erythromicron 3cm
Sundadanio axelrodi 3cm
Rasbora axelrodi 3cm
Rasbora beauforti 2cm
Puntius masyai 2,5cm
Trigonostigma hengeli 4cm
Rasbora chrysotaenia 3,5cm
Rasbora jacobsoni 3,5cm
Rasbora beauforti 2cm
Rasbora amplistriga 3,5cm
Horadandia atukorali 3cm

Gobiopterus chuno 3 cm
Neohomaloptera johorensis 2 cm
Kottelatlimia pristes
Gulaphallus bikolanus 2,0cm
Gulaphallus eximius 3,5cm
Gulaphallus mirabilis 3,3cm
Gulaphallus falcifer 3,4cm

I myself have a Nano with 3 Dario Dario, 1 Hara Jerdoni & 12 Boraras Brigittae - love it!!


Anonymous said...

What a great list! I will be using it very soon...

rahamen said...

Great job! and very useful.

Asploded said...

Very useful. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Rob said...

plz can u email me with a list of small cold water fish sutable for a 25l tank

Rob said...

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